Nomtsas Safaris

Why are we farming?, cause we love dust and thirst and what comes next

Farming with Bonsmara Cattle


The reason we farm with Bonsmara is simple. „We need to make the most of what we got.“

We got an extremely low carrying capacity on mostly rocky ground.

We need a tolerant, drought resistant and productive cow that is able to walk far and hard.

We also need good meat from a fast growing weaner. Grass - Beef - Money!

We farm and produce Bonsmara! We do not breed Bonsmara, yet we can call every single head on our farm a pure Bonsmara.

The reason being that since 1987 only Stud Proven Bonsmara Bulls had been used on our first stock of Red Poll and Red Poll/Afrikaner cows.

Since 1987 all heifers went through a strict selection to reach the genotyical Bonsmara.

Breeders like Harald Metzger, Heiko Freyer, Roland Horn, Hans-Peter Deloch, Rolf Kirsten (at that stage not registered) and Joggie Briedenhan provided Nomtsas with Bulls we thought best for us.

Still today, strict female weaner and fertility remains as important as ever.

We encourage breeders to sell top Quality Bonsmara Bulls and Females on Nomtsas to uplift the already high standard of cattle this area has proven to produce.