the next Auction:

Date: 8 November 2023
viewing can start @ 7h00

Auction will be starting @

we are expecting:
  • Bonsmara and BonsmaraX Heifers will be expected only in 2024 again...
  • 50 + Tollies / Oxen
  • large mixed Cattle, including Cows

Future Auction Dates:

13 March 2024
18 September 2024

Contact me and my Agents!

Rudi Klein, local WLA Agent:

+264 81 229 9059
(whattsapp and sms preferred)

national WLA Agents:

Johan Smith: +264 81 127 0870

Chris Steenkamp: +264 81 124 0649

Hermann Strauss: +264 81 5795187

owner of Nomtsas:

Albert Voigts: +264 81 124 9572


Transport & Truckdrivers

May we suggest you ask the following Transport Companies for a quote to run your cattle:

Piet Koen (based in Maltahöhe, truck only, thus cheaper for smaller quantities): +264 81 245 2800
Adolf Schnebel (based near Helmeringhausen, truck & trailor): +264 81 294 5534
Willa van Zyl (based in Mariental, Link, also for large quantities): +264 81 245 0408
Niki Lochner: (based in Mariental, various truck sizes) +264 81 237 0096
Willie van Zyl: (based in Mariental, Link, also for large quantities) +264 81 127 7192

common Questions about Auctions:
Is it better to sell directly of the farm or on a auction?

Quality always pays!

Consider the following:
- should your cattle be of good standard, you probably will reach high level prices on the auction - do these reflect the price offered to you directly?
- your heifers might be interesting to other farmers on the auction, are you willing to let them go directly and cheap?
- although you might loose a few kg’s transporting your cattle to an auction, will the direct buyer weigh on your farm, will he weigh correctly?
- if you don’t support the auction to keep prices high and strong and regulate the market, can you expect strong prices in future?
- You will receive your money the day after the auction! are you guaranteed your money with a direct sell?
- Why do all strong and big farmers sell their cattle on auctions? There must be a reason, ask yourself in what position you would like to see yourself.
- BIG Question: Do you really think a buyer will pay more in the field than on an auction? be careful of loosing money!

If you know that your cattle is not up to standard, you might be better of selling from the farm, but if you farm quality, be wise and use the auction!

WHEN must I sell WHAT?

We are checking averages all the time, here are the mainstream guidelines:
- since many herds are opened up in April, this is your time to sell and buy female stock
- July mostly shows a higher price tendency for lighter weight weaners
- September is a great month to sell the optimal weaner (240kg, long male weaner), since you might even win extra cash at our Weaner Competition and general prices are good.
- November is normally a good month to sell heavy animals.

if the auctiuon is small, does this affect me?

unfortunately yes…
We are extremely thankful to all our loyal sellers.
When the big buyers of calves can't fill a truck the transport costs will have an effect on the bidding. It is therefore always better to rather bring more cattle to fewer auctions than few cattle to many auctions!

Does it matter, when the auction is big, at what position my cattle will stand and sell?

The direct answer is NO, it does not really matter, BUT (mostly when auctions exceed 800 head of cattle):
- sometimes buyers are testing the market in the beginning and this results in lower prices
- sometimes a certain buyer is „full“ or his trucks are filled, this could result in weaker prices towards the end of a big auction
- sometimes buyers run out of cattle to buy and this results in much better prices towards the end - filling trucks to the benefit of sellers

You are more than welcome to bring your cattle two days before an auction. You may, in this case, determine the spot or kraal you would like your cattle to stand in.
We are more than happy to water and feed (feed at your expense) your cattle for you, just let us know.

Does quality play a role?

Over the years it has become very apparent that:
- during good years the price difference between various quality weaners is rather small
- during bad years only quality sells! gigantic differences
so YES, quality pays on the long run!

How can I get better prices on a auction?

The buyer will evaluate the following:
Disposition: the character and temperament of your cattle. The buyer has to manage, and transport, work and feed your cattle. NOBODY likes WILD cattle!

Fertility: If you sell female stock, PROVE to the buyer that your animals are fertile. Cows with calves, certification of pregnancy, appearance of dams play a high role.

Weight: Sell what the market wants and not what you hope the market wants. Contact us what buyers are looking for at the time.

Conformation: Breed and select to have a large group of uniformly colored and shaped animals from one defined breed. Buyers just love to buy one whole lot of animals that all look alike.

Branding and De-horning: Make very sure that your branding is very neat and very low. De-horn your cattle properly. Show the buyer that you take pride and love in how you work and treat your cattle, he or she WILL pay more for what you have done extra.

Marketing: Talk to us! Let us know what you are selling long before the next auction. We will find buyers for your cattle. Let us do some marketing for you, its free and you will gain!